Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hobo supper

It was a gorgeous day for our church's annual Hobo Supper/Hayrack Ride. We all had a great time this year. These things get more and more fun as the kids get older.
Paul on the zipline

And, yep, that's miss Sonya. On the way there, Olivia was saying she wanted to do it...but when she saw what a zipline actually is, and how deep the canyon is, she changed her mind. However, Sonya decided it looked like fun. She smiled the whole way across, and was smiling when she got back. She would have gone again, I think, but we had gotten there a little late, so there was no more time.

Sonya, Ashton, and Collin doing some exploring. When they got back from climbing the little hill, I asked Sonya what they had talked about. She said, "dinosaurs."

Olivia hanging out with her buddy Garrett.

Garrett makes her laugh frequently.

Aaron caught this one of Miranda. We felt fortunate to get it!
The corn was a huge hit!

Aaron and Miranda have an interesting relationship....
....but she loves her daddy a lot.

talking about football, maybe?


Paul enjoyed his first sports experience as a jr. higher. We were able to attend most of his games. These are the best two shots I got....I hope I will improve by the time he's in high school!

#11...looking more like a man every day...and sounding like one, too.

Right in the middle of the picture, in the red helmet. He made some nice runs for touchdowns several times. We were proud!