Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School begins--it's inevitable

Paul had his first day of jr. high today, Miranda had her first day of her last year of elementary school, and Olivia started first grade. All 3 came home basically happy with how the day went. Of course, how hard is the first day?!? I had more work to do when they got home than they did, that's for sure--between filling out an info sheet for each one, signing various and sundry pages, and reading through info about each of Paul's classes, it took some time! Sonya will start preschool after Labor Day.

My tall Paul. He had his 7th grade physical a couple weeks ago and found out he's in the 97th percentile for height for boys his age.

Miranda didn't fuss about me taking this picture! Amazing!

Olivia said that her teacher talked all morning :) But she was pretty bubbly about the whole day, so I guess she got over the fact that in first grade there's no snack, no rest/video time, and no centers. She'll survive.

Ready to go! On another note, even though I didn't take a picture of him, Aaron started his 14th year of teaching, and I started my 15th (although I took a couple yrs. off when Paul and Miranda were little). Time flies!