Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family pictures

Renee took our family picture on Thursday. These were a little several years, I think. And I think I know why--it's quite an ordeal getting 6 people picture-ready and focused enough to cooperate! These 6 people, anyway! Aaron and I did quite well, thank you very much, but the other 4....well, there were moments! Thank you, Renee, for your patience.

One of the only non-goofy ones of Sonya (or was it the only one?)....she was trying out various facial expressions and we finally got this "natural" one.

Olivia did pretty well....her main issue was that she wanted to play with the "necklace" on her shirt.

Of course, Paul and Miranda weren't too pumped about the whole deal.

Miss Miranda....when I see these 2 of Paul and Miranda, I'm reminded of how much they're growing up....almost teenagers...yikes! I hope we get at least one more family picture in with Renee before we have her take the sr. pics!!!

Aaron and I don't have a lot of pictures together, so this was a great opportunity. I love the tree in the background!

Olivia, 6; Paul, 12; Sonya, 5 tomorrow; and Miranda, 11


Sharon said...

Wow Sara, I remember when they each were born! What a wonderful family you have!