Sunday, April 11, 2010

A journey

I really debated about posting this...but then I figured that it's mostly family and close friends who view my blog, anyway, so why not! I've been on a weight-loss journey since Nov. It's been kind of slow going, but then again, I didn't put weight on overnight, either, now did I??? I still have 15-20 pounds to go until I'll really feel like I've met my goal, but it feels good to have made some progress, and to have peole tell me that they've noticed.

late Nov. (BMI: 28) early April (BMI: 24.6)
Of course, the 2nd picture is better, too, because of the cute girl standing beside me!

Miranda's 11th

We celebrated Miranda's 11th birthday yesterday. She chose a lunch of Campbell's vegetable beef soup, garlic bread, and kiwis. Later in the day, we went to McCook, and took her friend Taylor with us, where we watched the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon." It was a really fun day for all of us.

Miranda, you are a special girl. You make life interesting and fun!

She very generously allowed me the privilege of taking her picture...and she even sort of smiled! I will write this day down in history. Even better, I have a picture to prove that she let me do it!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter '10

Easter weekend was fun and relaxing. Here are just a few pictures that I took. I feel bad that I never took one of all 4 kids together, but as you'll see below, all 4 kids weren't around! Maybe I'll do better next year.

At the nursing home's egg hunt.

Dying eggs. Don't ya love Sonya's expression?

The best one I could get of Miranda. I felt pretty good to get this one!
Paul spent a couple of days with his friend/big brother, Grant.

We had an egg hunt at church.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cutie Pies in Glasses

Olivia discovered a pair of glasses frames from Miranda's old pair...they're actually identical to what she has right now. Both little girls have been having fun wearing them around the house. Olivia wanted to wear them to school the other day but I said no, since they don't even have lenses! Miranda absolutely HATES it when I say how cute they look in them, or when I said that they look like her when they're wearing them. fact, this was supposed to be a picture of all 3 girls, but Miranda was glaring at me, so I had to crop her out!!! I figured she'd rather I crop her out than put a picture on my blog of her glaring :)

A visitor

We have a tree on the north side of our house that is frequently visited by a cardinal. I've never been able to actually get a picture of him before he flies off, but the other day I was quick enough. We also saw a female cardinal in the same tree, so we're wondering if they have a nest close by. Of course, the female isn't nearly as beautiful or bright.

Q and U

Our school's kindergarten teacher always does a little "wedding" for Q and U. I remember Paul and Miranda coming home and telling me all about it. Olivia had hers the other day, and then came home and put on her "wedding veil." She also taught Sonya how to dance for the wedding dance, and they practiced saying vows. It was really cute!

Don't most grooms go shirtless?