Friday, February 05, 2010

update sans pictures

Yeah, I'm a loser when it comes to taking my camera places lately. There have been some camera-worthy moments for sure, but I keep forgetting. I have taken students to 2 really great events this past week. One was "Singing Youth of Nebraska," which was a state-wide honor choir for grades 7-9. It was a neat experience for me and for the student who went. Then, on Sunday I headed up to Chadron with 3 students. They were selected to participate in the High Plains Honor Festival. That was a lots of fun for me (hopefully them, too), as I got to see some college classmates and some music teachers that I know up the panhandle. Plus, I got to see my mom and dad, which was an added bonus.

Last night Sonya, Olivia and Miranda participated in Jump Rope for Heart at our home basketball game. Of course, I knew that Miranda could jump rope, but I was impressed with how much Olivia had improved. Sonya and the other preschoolers mainly ran around and jumped up and down like wild banshees in the center of the gym floor.

And in other news, Olivia has lost 2 more teeth recently, bringing her grand total to 6, which is also her age. :) I'm taking donations for her orthodontic work, so if you'd like to donate to the cause, please send $ to PO Box 161, Wauneta, NE 69045. On the bottom, where there should be 4 new teeth, there's only room for 3, and on the top, where she's lost 2, there's only room for one......yikes.

That's about it....we're just plugging away, going to school, heading into contest season, etc....I'll dust off my camera and put it to use this week...maybe.


Walkers said...

Every time Brendon has his orto checkup the orthodontist says "I thought I told you to grow a bigger mouth." :) Not fun....