Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sonya turns 4

We celebrated Sonya's 4th birthday yesterday, the 29th. We were fortunate to have my brother Tyler and his son Jaedon visit us for the weekend, which made it even more fun.

The first thing Sonya said yesterday morning after I wished her "happy birthday" was, "I'm still the same size, see." And then she held out her arms so I could see. So then Olivia said, "Stand up, Sonya and we'll check." They stood right next to each other, and Olivia seemed to think Sonya had grown a little. Then Olivia gave Sonya a big hug and a kiss. One of those moments I hope I can remember forever...especially when they're trying to kill each other on another day!

Oh, and lest anyone think I spent hours making the cake, well, I DID!!! NOT!!! I was going to make one, but when my brother offered to bring one, I could hardly be rude and say no, could I? As crushed as I was to not be able to make the cake for her, I relented and let him bring one from his local Wal-mart. I think they did ok on the cake, don't you?? She had been requesting Spongebob for ages.


Walkers said...

Love the cake and Olivia's outfit. :)

The McCrumb 6 said...

looks like she had lots of fun at her birthday party and I love the part about the 2 girls hugging. we have moments like that in out house to and you can't ever get a picture of them cause they happen too fast but atleast we have the memories