Friday, August 14, 2009

Pump Boys and Broadway

Here are several pictures from the musical I was in, "Pump Boys and Dinettes." It's hard for me to sum up in words how fun it was being in this! If you love to perform, as I do, then you already understand. One thing I liked about it was that I was able to just perform, simply for the sake of fun.....Coming out of college, where the emphasis was on performance, into a church setting, which is where I now do most of my "performing," I've had to learn that the focus (when I'm doing something in chuch) isn't on me--it's on God, and on worshiping him. And I can truly say that doing the music at church is very fulfilling, and extremely meaningful to me. However, I think I'd almost forgotten that sometimes it can just be fun to be in a silly musical, sing crazy songs, and sort of "let loose." In Pump Boys I got to do that, and it was a blast! It was also great to sing with some very talented people from Imperial. Our director even had us pray together before each show, which I thought was really cool.

The whole cast and the band, along with the winner of Tues. night's raffle (she won an air-freshener!)

Singing my solo, "The Best Man," with Jilanne in the background.

Listening to Jeremy croon about "The night Dolly Parton was almost mine."


Melody Trent said...

A teacher friend of mine once said " I may be the shortest person in the room but I AM STILL IN CHARGE! I think this goes even for our children. My oldest is getting taller than me and this rule applies at my house... Your children are growing up quickly. They are really beautiful too! God Bless, The Trents