Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pool Post

Sonya's new thing is that she'll now swim underwater....she didn't take lessons, but she's doing really well, so I'm guessing she'll be able to skip the first level next summer.

Olivia has always been a little fish!

Her favorite new thing to do at the pool this summer is to go off the slide...she's also done the high-dive a few times, and she does the the low-dive frequently.

I think Miranda was trying to get away from her brother or her dad in this one. They tend to pick on her for some reason.

Paul is starting to look really big up on that slide! We measured him tonight, and he's now 5'2"--only 2 in. shorter than his mom!


Charlie said...

Just wait! When Paul finally reaches your height and beyond you will never hear the end of it!!!

That is really AWESOME! Sonya is swimming under water without lessons!?! WOW!!!

Too bad summer is almost over!

Walkers said...

Looks like fun. Can't belive school starts next week!!