Friday, August 14, 2009

fair, fun, and family

We've had a fun, busy week. Aaron's sister, Heather, and her 3 kids came for a visit. It was the first time they'd been here, so we showed them the SW NE sights....all 3 of them!! Her husband wasn't able to take time off of work to come...hopefully next time!

The 4 "big kids"--Paul-11 1/2, Miranda-10, Emma-11, and David-9 1/2

The 3 "little ones"--Timothy-turns 4 this month, Olivia-5 1/2, and Sonya-turns 4 this month

chillin' after a long day at the lake

filling water balloons for a water-balloon fight

time at the lake....Olivia was her Daddy's girl all day and helped him fish.

Sonya is pretty stylin' in her goggles.

Timmy taking a snack break.

Miranda and Emma had tons of fun with mud.

checking out the animals at the fair

and ridin' the rides

Aaron and Heather...I figured it had been a while since they had a picture taken together.

Sonya and I coming down the slide.


Bley's Blog said...

Looks like you had a great week, and a great time!

Walkers said...

Always fun to have family around!