Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sonya turns 4

We celebrated Sonya's 4th birthday yesterday, the 29th. We were fortunate to have my brother Tyler and his son Jaedon visit us for the weekend, which made it even more fun.

The first thing Sonya said yesterday morning after I wished her "happy birthday" was, "I'm still the same size, see." And then she held out her arms so I could see. So then Olivia said, "Stand up, Sonya and we'll check." They stood right next to each other, and Olivia seemed to think Sonya had grown a little. Then Olivia gave Sonya a big hug and a kiss. One of those moments I hope I can remember forever...especially when they're trying to kill each other on another day!

Oh, and lest anyone think I spent hours making the cake, well, I DID!!! NOT!!! I was going to make one, but when my brother offered to bring one, I could hardly be rude and say no, could I? As crushed as I was to not be able to make the cake for her, I relented and let him bring one from his local Wal-mart. I think they did ok on the cake, don't you?? She had been requesting Spongebob for ages.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sonya and Olivia

Sonya and I are enjoying our mornings at home. Most of you know that I've previously taught in the mornings. This year I've been moved to the afternoons, and when Sonya starts pre-school in a couple of weeks, that's when she'll go, too.

Playing dress-up a few days ago

Olivia has an interesting look going on here...Snow Crockett or Davy White...not sure which. She actually wore this hat to school today, too....I doubt the teacher let her wear it for very long, though. :)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

firsts and lasts

Today is a day of firsts and lasts at our house. Olivia started Kindergarten.....I left her at school with a big smile on her face, which makes it a little easier for mommy. She's ready. Paul started his first day of his last year of elementary school. I think that has almost hit me harder than Olivia starting Kindergarten, in some ways. And Miranda started 5th grade. Her first is that she will start band this year, and she's chosen the oboe, basically one of the 2 or 3 most expensive and complicated instruments....we'll see how that goes. Thankfully, we were able to borrow for this year, and we'll make a decision of what to do after that after we see how she likes it. But that's for another post....

Sonya will start pre-school after Labor Day. She's already missing "Leevia."

First of all, check out last year's "first day" pictures here

I asked Paul and Miranda, because in the back of my mind I was feeling a sense of deja vu, "Aren't you wearing what you wore last year?" Miranda was like, "Mom, these are our nice clothes." (like they don't each have a whole dresser full of clothes, some of them much more new than these) She said it in a teasing way. I'm still getting a laugh over it. I don't even think they planned it together.

As a little side-note, the shirt Miranda is wearing....came from the Goodwill in NP :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

fair, fun, and family

We've had a fun, busy week. Aaron's sister, Heather, and her 3 kids came for a visit. It was the first time they'd been here, so we showed them the SW NE sights....all 3 of them!! Her husband wasn't able to take time off of work to come...hopefully next time!

The 4 "big kids"--Paul-11 1/2, Miranda-10, Emma-11, and David-9 1/2

The 3 "little ones"--Timothy-turns 4 this month, Olivia-5 1/2, and Sonya-turns 4 this month

chillin' after a long day at the lake

filling water balloons for a water-balloon fight

time at the lake....Olivia was her Daddy's girl all day and helped him fish.

Sonya is pretty stylin' in her goggles.

Timmy taking a snack break.

Miranda and Emma had tons of fun with mud.

checking out the animals at the fair

and ridin' the rides

Aaron and Heather...I figured it had been a while since they had a picture taken together.

Sonya and I coming down the slide.

Pump Boys and Broadway

Here are several pictures from the musical I was in, "Pump Boys and Dinettes." It's hard for me to sum up in words how fun it was being in this! If you love to perform, as I do, then you already understand. One thing I liked about it was that I was able to just perform, simply for the sake of fun.....Coming out of college, where the emphasis was on performance, into a church setting, which is where I now do most of my "performing," I've had to learn that the focus (when I'm doing something in chuch) isn't on me--it's on God, and on worshiping him. And I can truly say that doing the music at church is very fulfilling, and extremely meaningful to me. However, I think I'd almost forgotten that sometimes it can just be fun to be in a silly musical, sing crazy songs, and sort of "let loose." In Pump Boys I got to do that, and it was a blast! It was also great to sing with some very talented people from Imperial. Our director even had us pray together before each show, which I thought was really cool.

The whole cast and the band, along with the winner of Tues. night's raffle (she won an air-freshener!)

Singing my solo, "The Best Man," with Jilanne in the background.

Listening to Jeremy croon about "The night Dolly Parton was almost mine."

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pool Post

Sonya's new thing is that she'll now swim underwater....she didn't take lessons, but she's doing really well, so I'm guessing she'll be able to skip the first level next summer.

Olivia has always been a little fish!

Her favorite new thing to do at the pool this summer is to go off the slide...she's also done the high-dive a few times, and she does the the low-dive frequently.

I think Miranda was trying to get away from her brother or her dad in this one. They tend to pick on her for some reason.

Paul is starting to look really big up on that slide! We measured him tonight, and he's now 5'2"--only 2 in. shorter than his mom!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

August, already?

Well, summer is winding down, and I feel as though I haven't taken any pictures in ages.....maybe because I haven't! We've been really busy, though. Paul and Miranda spent a few days at my folks' in Chadron, and then a week with their cousins in CO. Other than that, we've just been enjoying the last days of summer freedom--going to the pool, sleeping in, cleaning bedrooms and closets, etc....

Many of my evenings this summer have been spent practicing for a musical that I'm in, called "Pump Boys and Dinettes." It has been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! We perform it starting this weekend--Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday--as part of the Chase Co. Fair.