Thursday, July 02, 2009

Weekend at Chadron State Park

We got together with my parents and my brothers and their kids at Chadron State Park this past weekend. Here are a few of the pictures I be honest, I wasn't really in a picture-taking mood. I guess there are times when I'd rather just enjoy the moment, rather than constantly running to find my camera...only to find that the kids have moved on to something different in the meantime. Besides what you see in these pictures, we went swimming a couple of times, took some hikes, and went on paddle boats. It was a great, memorable weekend.

Tyler (my older brother) relaxing.

My dad....probably watching his seven grandkids with amusement...and thinking, "whew, I'm glad their parents get to deal with them!"

Grandma gave Paul and Miranda a marshmallow shooter...could be dangerous.

Jaedon waiting for his turn in Twister (if you ever need a good laugh, find 5 preschoolers to play was interesting, to say the least)

Miranda takes her turn w/the marshmallow shooter.

Olivia found ways to entertain Gabe.

Miranda is pretty much unbeatable at this game...especially when the other players are still struggling to keep their right and left straight!

Is it my turn yet???


The kids did some tree climbing...with a little help from Uncle Tyler and Uncle Perry.

The 3 little girls got fun purses from Grandma.

Pretty girls!


Sonya enjoyed blowing bubbles. What kid doesn't?


Walkers said...

Time with family is alwasy great!!