Sunday, July 26, 2009

Special day

Paul and Miranda are staying with their cousins in Colorado this week, so we thought we'd do something fun with Olivia and Sonya. And it really was fun!

We went to a free park that has sprinklers coming out of various places, as well as lots of the usual park stuff...we had taken the big kids there several years ago, back when Olivia was just a baby.

Here they are drying off by some statues.

We also went to a children's museum. Here's Chef Sonya...

And Olivia the farmer...

Princess Olivia

Sonya was pretty smiley all day long.

Olivia makes a strong impression...
Sonya headed straight for the little car when we got there.


Charlie said...

We love that park! We have to stop everytime we go through Kearney!
I love the impression that Olivia made!

Dillan Family said...

it looks like you had a great time. we love to go to yanney park there too. it's great you got to do all that with just your younger kids, too. good memories.