Sunday, July 05, 2009

The 4th

We had a pretty fun 4th this year! On Friday, we went over to Imperial to watch their fireworks show, which is always really good. Then, last night we had supper with some other families at Marty and Renee's house. The weather, food, and fellowship were all wonderful!

I decided to get semi-creative with my's basically a fruit pizza...and it came from a cookbook, so I guess I'm not sure how creative it was! (and, yes, I do know that there are supposed to be 13 stripes...they wouldn't fit)

Sonya LOVED the sparklers! She would run around with them, squealing and laughing and having a grand old time.

Paul and Miranda helped with some of the lighting this year, as they were the "big kids" of the group. I like Maycee's expression in the backgroud, which is why I didn't want to crop her out :)

Olivia and Sonya, with their friends Kendra and Maycee. This was probably the only time that all 4 of them sat still for more than 10 seconds!


Bley's Blog said...

It was fun, and your dessert was yummy!

Walkers said...

I love your dessert!! Very patriotic!