Saturday, May 30, 2009


This week was VBS. Aaron led games, and I was in the kitchen, which was a big change for me since I've done music since 1998! But it was kind of a nice change, and fun to hang out with adults instead of kids. Plus, being around food is a bonus! Here are just a few pictures from the week that other people took, since I could never seem to remember my camera!

Craft time

Listening to the Bible story

Olivia and Allen...probably up to something, by the look on Olivia's face!

Aaron leading games
Sonya likes to have her picture taken lately, and she always tries to pose first.

Look what I made!!

Sonya and Ashton....singing (or something) in the closing program. (This shirt may have to be passed down to Baby Hannah :)

Closing program


Charlie said...

Looks as if the kids had a great time! Glad you got some adult time as well! ;)
I can't wait for next year when Hannah can start VBS. :)
And Baby Hannah would love the shirt!