Monday, May 18, 2009

Various and Sundry Happenings

Yesterday we had the piano recital. My 12 students performed, as well as Paul and Miranda and 2 guitar students who take from another teacher.

Miranda played Sonatina in C Major, by Clementi.

Paul played The Cuckoo by Daquin. They also played a duet.

We had AWANA awards night a couple weeks ago. As usual, I forgot my camera, but these are the awards that Paul and Miranda received for finishing their books. Olivia also finished her Cubbie book, and will go into Sparks next fall. We are so fortunate to have AWANA at our church. The kids love it, and I love the fact that they are learning verses each week.

Other than that, we are just finishing up the school year! Whew! No one could be more happy about that than I! Bring on the summer!