Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunting eggs

The little ones hunted eggs at the nursing home yesterday. It has been a drizzly, chilly Easter weekend, but, in spite of the weather, we've had lots of fun. We probably hunted for eggs about a dozen times this weekend--nursing home, church, home, you name it!

Meeting the freaky-looking Heritage Easter Bunny...If the children of Wauneta end up with nightmares, this could be one of the reasons...

Olivia was pretty proud of her collection.

"Hmmm....should I choose this one or not??" She was shaking each egg before she'd put it in her bucket. Apparently, there were some that didn't have the "right" sound, so she would put them down. I think those were the ones that had a quarter and a free Bug Juice coupon...which made the value of those eggs about $1. But hey, they're not as tasty as the ones with Skittles or jellybeans.

Sonya showed several emotions throughout the hunt...excitement at the beginning, frustration when she came back with 5 and had to wait to find more (they kids were told to just get 5 to start off), and then sheer joy when I told her to just go ahead and get as many as she wanted. I think this was the sheer joy.

The 0-3 yr. olds had their hunt inside this year, due to the weather.


Bley's Blog said...

I think my kids had plenty of egg hunts too, although they were all inside! Cute pictures. :)