Sunday, April 26, 2009


Saturday, April 18, 2009


The girls wanted to "play" Battleship today. I was a little skeptical since, obviously, they're a little young for it! I envisioned the little pegs scattered to the far corners of my house. Little did I know, however, that it would provide over an hour of entertainment! It must be fun putting little pegs into holes, and moving your ships around. They also ate Care Bear fruit snacks while they were playing, and I'm pretty sure that a few Care Bears got involved in some boating adventures!

A close-up of miss Sonya that I liked.

Olivia always has to pose somehow!

This is how the big kids spent most of the morning entertaining themselves...with their Gameboys. I am so thankful that they get along as well as they do. Since Taylor moved, especially, it has been wonderful for Miranda to have Paul to hang out with. I'm sure neither would admit this, but they're the best of friends. What a blessing, and I pray that continues.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunting eggs

The little ones hunted eggs at the nursing home yesterday. It has been a drizzly, chilly Easter weekend, but, in spite of the weather, we've had lots of fun. We probably hunted for eggs about a dozen times this weekend--nursing home, church, home, you name it!

Meeting the freaky-looking Heritage Easter Bunny...If the children of Wauneta end up with nightmares, this could be one of the reasons...

Olivia was pretty proud of her collection.

"Hmmm....should I choose this one or not??" She was shaking each egg before she'd put it in her bucket. Apparently, there were some that didn't have the "right" sound, so she would put them down. I think those were the ones that had a quarter and a free Bug Juice coupon...which made the value of those eggs about $1. But hey, they're not as tasty as the ones with Skittles or jellybeans.

Sonya showed several emotions throughout the hunt...excitement at the beginning, frustration when she came back with 5 and had to wait to find more (they kids were told to just get 5 to start off), and then sheer joy when I told her to just go ahead and get as many as she wanted. I think this was the sheer joy.

The 0-3 yr. olds had their hunt inside this year, due to the weather.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 10th, Miranda!

Yesterday was Miranda's 10th birthday. It is amazing to me that I have 2 children who are almost teenagers (don't tell him I told you, but Paul is getting zits--yikes). Miranda wanted cheesecake for her birthday, so we did one strawberry, one cherry. I also took her, Taylor, and Paul to the movie last night.

Happy Birthday, Miranda! I grow more proud of you each year. You make each day sunnier!

An Egg-citing afternoon

We broke out the egg dye today, and the girls dyed about 3 doz. eggs. Paul has apparently lost interest in this tradition, as he turned me down flat when I offered him the chance to help. To me, that's kind of sad....but then I also have to remember that Paul is my child who likes messiness the least....he never played in mud puddles, or enjoyed other experiences like's my girls who have loved that type of thing. Wish this trait would carry over into his room, however.

Taylor came for the weekend, as you'll see in some of these pictures. It's been fun for Miranda to have her around again.

Livvy is pretty proud of her egg.

Sonya likes to get right in there to get the job done.

Olivia talks about her technique.

Sonya was very efficient.... most of these were hers....her method was, dunk 'em for 5 seconds, then you're done.

Miranda decided she'd try pouring the dye over the, but it's kind of messy!

Sonya's enjoying this....notice the many dribbles on the table....I never even thought to put newspaper down...oops...but it came off, thankfully.

Taylor and Miranda were a bit more patient with their eggs than Sonya.