Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Contest season

Time to brag some more :), so if you don't like that kind of thing, skip this post! Last week was a busy one, as we had 2 music contests to attend. On Thurs. we took some high school students to Maywood for a contest. Three of my high school piano students (Brittnae, Breann, and Larissa) who particpated with solos received "1" ratings. I was thrilled for them. Brittnae also got a "1" on her flute solo. My voice student, Jenna, received a "1" and also received the 2nd place medal for girls' vocal! That is a pretty big accomplishment, as there were over 20 girls who did solos (and she's just a sophomore). I taught her a German song that I sang for my sophomore qualifying in college! I am soooo proud of all of these girls!

On Saturday, Aaron and I took about 16 kids to a middle school contest (grades 5-8). Wow, was I proud of these kids, too!!!! It was a great day! I know that many of you who read this don't know these kids, so this won't mean much, but I'm going to just list the kids who got Superior, ("1") ratings. A few even got "1+" ratings.
Paul--vocal solo+
Paul--trombone solo
Paul and Caleb--vocal duet+
Caleb--drum solo
Caleb--vocal solo
6th grade girls' ensemble
Clarinet duet (Ellie/Leiauna)
Leiauna--vocal solo
Leiauna--clarinet solo+
Christi--Piano solo
Christi--vocal solo
Tayler--flute solo+
Tayler--vocal solo+
Morgen--vocal solo
Donald--vocal solo
Chase--trumpet solo
Chase--vocal solo
Stephanie--sax solo

What a fun day! We finished it up by going to Valentino's. They were so hyper on the way home...I guess that's a sign that they had fun!


Walkers said...

Wow!! Congrats girls and Teach!!!!