Friday, March 06, 2009

Life as we know it

I honestly don't think I've taken a single picture for over a week, but here are a few of the events happening at our humble abode...
***We began work on "Oklahoma" (the musical) in choir. Aaron's directing, I'm the accompanist. I was in this musical in high school, so it's kind of fun to relive that memory, albeit from a different perspective. When we were performing it, I remember thinking "wow, that accompaniment sounds really tough." Now I get to play it, and it's still pretty tough!!! But it's definitely more manageable for me than it would have been 17 yrs. ago!!!
***Basketball, basketball, and more basketball. We've had lots of district BB games, and our girls even made it to state. Miranda and I rode along with the band yesterday, down to Lincoln, where, unfortunately, our girls lost. But they have played really well and had a great season. It was fun to go, even though we were the lone females on a bus of jr. high and high school boys. Made for an interesting trip, to say the least. :)
***Sonya's newest phrase: "good luck with that." I'm not sure where she heard that, but we've been hearing it more and more frequently. It's quite funny coming from a 3-yr.-old, but I'm sure we could grow weary of it very soon.

That about sums it up. Hope I can take some pictures this week!


Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

I know JUST what you mean with being so busy! It's hard to manage a blog with pics & everything when 'real life' just keeps plugging away. So, I'll tell you what your daughter would tell you... "Good luck with that!" LOL! (Adorable, by the way.)