Saturday, March 14, 2009

friends and family

We've had lots of visitors this weekend! It's been both fun and busy, and I know it will be a memorable weekend for the kids.

Taylor was back for a visit.

The not-so-serious pose...

Grant also came for a few, he, Paul and Miranda were playing with Grant's computer and his webcam with a face-morphing program...they had a lot of good laughs.

They've played LOTS of games of Heroes, Starcraft, etc...The only reason I'm even able to be on my computer right now is because they're down playing Legos.

Had to sneak this one in of Smokey.....he loves to sit in boxes and containers of any kind.

My parents also came for a visit from Wed. through Fri. Here, my dad and Aaron were checking out state tournament scores....I'm so bad...this is the only picture I got while they were here. I need to do much better next time or I will no longer be the favorite daughter!

Another game with Grant....pile all of the cushions, pilllows, bean bags, blankets, etc. at the bottom of the stairs, and then slide down them....the funny thing is that they always used to do this in our old house, too, when Grant still lived here. Now, 2 or so years later, it's still quite a bit of fun.

I just had to show all of you how HUGE Grant's feet are....Now, my feet aren't small by any means--I wear a women's size 9. His are--get this--size 14 in men's....and he's 14 years old. If I were his mom, I'd be praying that his feet don't keep up with his age after this year!

All of this excitement tuckered Sonya out!!! Me, too!!!

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Walkers said...

Sounds like a FUN TIME!!