Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Contest season

Time to brag some more :), so if you don't like that kind of thing, skip this post! Last week was a busy one, as we had 2 music contests to attend. On Thurs. we took some high school students to Maywood for a contest. Three of my high school piano students (Brittnae, Breann, and Larissa) who particpated with solos received "1" ratings. I was thrilled for them. Brittnae also got a "1" on her flute solo. My voice student, Jenna, received a "1" and also received the 2nd place medal for girls' vocal! That is a pretty big accomplishment, as there were over 20 girls who did solos (and she's just a sophomore). I taught her a German song that I sang for my sophomore qualifying in college! I am soooo proud of all of these girls!

On Saturday, Aaron and I took about 16 kids to a middle school contest (grades 5-8). Wow, was I proud of these kids, too!!!! It was a great day! I know that many of you who read this don't know these kids, so this won't mean much, but I'm going to just list the kids who got Superior, ("1") ratings. A few even got "1+" ratings.
Paul--vocal solo+
Paul--trombone solo
Paul and Caleb--vocal duet+
Caleb--drum solo
Caleb--vocal solo
6th grade girls' ensemble
Clarinet duet (Ellie/Leiauna)
Leiauna--vocal solo
Leiauna--clarinet solo+
Christi--Piano solo
Christi--vocal solo
Tayler--flute solo+
Tayler--vocal solo+
Morgen--vocal solo
Donald--vocal solo
Chase--trumpet solo
Chase--vocal solo
Stephanie--sax solo

What a fun day! We finished it up by going to Valentino's. They were so hyper on the way home...I guess that's a sign that they had fun!

A brief visit

Aaron's parents stopped here for the night on Sunday. They're on their way to the east coast, where they'll visit historical sites, etc. for the next month. I'm glad they could spend a few hours here, and I actually made a concerted effort to get a few pictures, since I failed so miserably when my mom and dad were here the last time.

New outfits from Grandma

The big kids w/G&G....the little ones had gone to bed already.

3 generations of manliness :)....but notice that Miranda had to sneak her little self into the side of the picture. I could have cropped her out, but I think it's kind of cute.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ah, spring

We are literally having a blizzard as I type this! As a Facebook friend so eloquently put it, "flip flops one day, snowboots the next." That's Nebraska for ya! And, yes, I know that Sonya isn't wearing a coat in this picture....please don't call Child Protective Services.

Smokey could care less about the weather. After all, we never let him out, anyway. He's resigned himself to the life of a house cat. He has taken to dressing up to entertain himself...maybe we SHOULD be letting him out once in a while.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

friends and family

We've had lots of visitors this weekend! It's been both fun and busy, and I know it will be a memorable weekend for the kids.

Taylor was back for a visit.

The not-so-serious pose...

Grant also came for a few days....here, he, Paul and Miranda were playing with Grant's computer and his webcam with a face-morphing program...they had a lot of good laughs.

They've played LOTS of games of Heroes, Starcraft, etc...The only reason I'm even able to be on my computer right now is because they're down playing Legos.

Had to sneak this one in of Smokey.....he loves to sit in boxes and containers of any kind.

My parents also came for a visit from Wed. through Fri. Here, my dad and Aaron were checking out state tournament scores....I'm so bad...this is the only picture I got while they were here. I need to do much better next time or I will no longer be the favorite daughter!

Another game with Grant....pile all of the cushions, pilllows, bean bags, blankets, etc. at the bottom of the stairs, and then slide down them....the funny thing is that they always used to do this in our old house, too, when Grant still lived here. Now, 2 or so years later, it's still quite a bit of fun.

I just had to show all of you how HUGE Grant's feet are....Now, my feet aren't small by any means--I wear a women's size 9. His are--get this--size 14 in men's....and he's 14 years old. If I were his mom, I'd be praying that his feet don't keep up with his age after this year!

All of this excitement tuckered Sonya out!!! Me, too!!!

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Life as we know it

I honestly don't think I've taken a single picture for over a week, but here are a few of the events happening at our humble abode...
***We began work on "Oklahoma" (the musical) in choir. Aaron's directing, I'm the accompanist. I was in this musical in high school, so it's kind of fun to relive that memory, albeit from a different perspective. When we were performing it, I remember thinking "wow, that accompaniment sounds really tough." Now I get to play it, and it's still pretty tough!!! But it's definitely more manageable for me than it would have been 17 yrs. ago!!!
***Basketball, basketball, and more basketball. We've had lots of district BB games, and our girls even made it to state. Miranda and I rode along with the band yesterday, down to Lincoln, where, unfortunately, our girls lost. But they have played really well and had a great season. It was fun to go, even though we were the lone females on a bus of jr. high and high school boys. Made for an interesting trip, to say the least. :)
***Sonya's newest phrase: "good luck with that." I'm not sure where she heard that, but we've been hearing it more and more frequently. It's quite funny coming from a 3-yr.-old, but I'm sure we could grow weary of it very soon.

That about sums it up. Hope I can take some pictures this week!