Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot action on the BB court

Paul had his first basketball game last Saturday. It was actually a tournament, so they got to play 3 other teams. They didn't win any, but did improve a lot with each game, and they all seemed to be having fun.

I don't think the local newspaper is going to be hiring me anytime soon to take sports pictures! I discovered just how slow my camera really is...the pictures I ended up getting were, for the most part, not anything like what I thought I'd snapped! Sometimes I was left with a totally empty gym floor. I guess that's the nice thing about digital cameras, though--you can erase! As you can see, I eventually resigned myself to taking shots when Paul was totally standing still.

He looks pretty pumped, huh?!?

In the huddle....Aaron was the assistant coach. It was kind of funny because when we played Wallace, their music teacher was one of their coaches, too :)

Finally, an action shot....of course, it's of his back, but that's better than nothing, I suppose.

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Charlie said...

I certainly understand about trying to take action pictures. It always seems that if I happen to take 200, 2 will turn out decent. Ok, maybe a little exageration. You can actually adjust the shutter speed on most digital cameras which will help a little with the action shats. Just look up the camera brand and model online and you should be able to find out one way or another.
Glad they had fun. That is what counts. And they have plenty of time to improve. :)