Thursday, February 05, 2009

Embarrassing moment

My eldest daughter came home from school a couple of days ago with a sad tale. She told me that they'd had to write about their most embarrassing moment in their writing journals. She said, "Guess what I wrote about?" I had no idea, as I honestly couldn't think of anything too terrible that's happened to her. She replied, "I wrote a story about a girl whose mom has a blog. The mom put pictures on the blog of her with underwear on her head."

Oops. I said, "I didn't even know that you ever checked my blog." She said, "I just have a feeling that you put some on." I guess I'd better be more careful. Although, if she thinks that's the worst picture I have of her, then I've got news for her. But those won't show up on my blog!


Wheeler Family said...

HAHAHA!!! :)

Charlie said...

Oops! But honestly, she was cute in the picture with the undies.

Blackmans said...

That is funny! I love the pictures of Miranda and Paul when they were smaller. I couldn't believe the similarities!!