Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Visiting Memory Lane

Olivia and Sonya wore these around the house this afternoon, after a mid-afternoon bath....

...which reminded me of past pictures (please don't tell P and M that you saw these...shhh!)
***update....Miranda held me at gunpoint and made me take her picture off***(I was tired of hearing about it, in other words)

In looking through pictures, I found some old favorites, and since I didn't have a blog when Paul and Miranda were younger, most of you haven't seen these:
One of my favorites of Miranda. So sweet!

I remember her this way, too (not so sweet!). I now get this look from Sonya, just with darker hair.

Future fashion model?

Sometimes I can't believe the similarities between Sonya and Miranda...or is it just me who sees it?

Mr. Paul...my blue-eyed boy.

Tired or serious, not sure which.

He had some serious cheeks.

And some crazy hair!

Ah, the days of footie pajamas....matching ones, even.

With my parents, back when Paul and Miranda were the only grandkids.

Olivia saw this picture and asked if I could get her a shirt like the one Miranda is wearing...shucks...if only I'd kept it!

And, last but not least, in looking through the oldies, I ran across this one. It was taken in 1997, just a couple months before I got pregnant with Paul. What I love about it is how skinny I was! Sheesh! Did I even have hips?!? Those were the days. Oh well. I got some big mama hips as a "reward" for these 4 awesome kiddos!!


Charlie said...

How funny that al of your kids have ran around with undies on their heads! I thought that only happened in my house. ;)
Also, I think that you look better and more proportional now. You were almost too skinny then. :)

sixbehrs said...

Oh, Charlie, I love you soooo much! You're too kind...but I'd still like to be about 20 lb. slimmer (that would still be quite a bit more than I was in that pic)

Sharon said...

I love all the pictures! And yes, I see Miranda in Sonya too. It seems like it wasn't that long ago and yet it was forever when they were that little.

Bley's Blog said...

I loved this post! I didn't realize Paul had those cheeks! So cute. :) And, I do see how Sonya and Miranda resemble eachother.

Walkers said...

I love "walks down memory lane"! Your kids sure are cute!!

savedbyHisblood said...

I didn't realize that miranda looked like sonya does now. Wow! They are almost a spitting image of each other. Was it really that long ago that you guys moved here? I still remember that! lol. of course, I was in 7th grade back then... lol. I can't believe how skinny you were. Crazy. I don't think I have EVER been that skinny.

The Maris' said...

If you would not have said the pictures were of Miranda I would have thought they were Sonya. Love to see the kids they are precious.