Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Project and a cheesy grin

Miranda and Taylor have been working on a project for school on the Cheyenne Indian tribe. Part of it involves making an earth lodge and a teepee. They made their earth lodge out of salt dough, and the teepee out of a metal sheet.

The earth lodge in the process of being painted.

Sonya is taking after her sisters....she's wanting to pose for me whenever she sees the camera. I'm sure I'd better enjoy these days. Judging from what I've seen on my friend Charlie's blog, when they get to be 12 or so, they sometimes run and hide!

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Charlie said...

The project looks great! Miranda is quite the crafty one. And Sonya has a beautiful smile!
So, you've noticed the running away from the camera bit, huh? Some kids love their pictures taken and never out grow that...others absolutely dread the camera. I guess it's just their personalities. But yes, enjoy it while you can...she may out grow this.