Friday, January 09, 2009

A fairly typical week

Miranda brought home this art project today. I will say this--she has more artistic ability than her mother! (by far)

Olivia is learning about Daddy and Baby letters at preschool. The other day she asked me, "what happened to the Mommy letters?"

Miranda and Taylor decided that they wanted to learn how to Salsa dance, so they looked it up on youtube and learned some moves!

Sonya is her typical quirky self....this week she has been taking her shirts off this way--by pulling them down instead of up.

And Paul....he's lost in a land of Guitar Hero. If I ever needed to know all of the lyrics to "Sweet Home Alabama" or "We are the Champions," well, let's just say that I know them now....and I can't stop singing them, unfortunately.

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Charlie said...

It looks and sounds like a good week. I'd take it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have seen other examples of doing the missing half of a picture, but never so good! Tell Miranda to keep practicing.
Pumpkin Pie

Deb Echols said...

Wow!! Good job Miranda! I wish I could draw like that!

Walkers said...

WOW! Miranda did a GREAT job!!! Don't you just love it when a song gets stuck in your head?