Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colorado Thanksgiving, with a bit of Christmas thrown in

We spent a few days at Aaron's sister's house in Colorado. The kids had a blast with their cousins, as usual.
We also celebrated Christmas together. Sonya is obviously happy with her gift.

Olivia caught a cold, so she did a lot of snuggling and laying around.

The big kids performed an interesting rendition of the Christmas Story...complete with commercials and creative license....but it was fun. Here they are taking a bow.

Decorating cookies

Good enough to eat!

Teamwork, teamwork

Sonya+Molly=good buds

Grandpa tickling Olivia

Aaron and Jason getting some Wii time in (even as I write this, my arm is killing me from playing tennis, bowling, etc...) Think we're gonna have to save up for a Wii...

One of the many costumes that the kids wore when they were playing various role-playing games.

Aarrrggghhh! Sonya and Timmy having another mid-morning snack.

We decided to come home a day early, as there was a storm heading in. It took us 5 hours to go the 120 miles from Gypsum to Denver...most of the time we were going 10-20 mph. This was mostly because of an accident near the Eisenhower Tunnel. At one point we sat completely still for 1/2 hr. I will say this about the kids--they were sooo good. During that 5 hr. stretch, I didn't even hear the word, "potty." We were happy to get to Denver, though. It made for a really long day. We got home a little after midnight.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A boring week for the Behrends' blog

You know it hasn't been a very exciting week when you're literally racking your brain to figure out what to post. I hate to disappoint you, blog readers, so here are a couple of pictures. Olivia was wanting a haircut a couple days ago, so we did the deed. Of course, Sonya wanted one, too, so I figured, why not? I'm passing on my dislike of long hair to my daughters, I guess. (not that I don't like long hair on other people)

Miranda has been sick, but I'll be nice and leave her alone. She already hates it when I come at her with a camera, so she'd probably never forgive me if I did it now, when she hasn't combed her hair for 2 days. I took her to the Dr. this morning because strep throat, among various and sundry viruses, is making its way through our school. The Dr. put her on medicine, although he didn't test her for strep, thinking it would probably be too early for a positive test result, anyway.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A good time in the middle of the night

I didn't think to take pictures of this little event, but you probably wouldn't want to see them anyway. Last night at probably 11 or so (I had been asleep for quite a while), I awoke to the sound of someone coughing/gagging. I thought it was Sonya, so I hollered out to the living room to Aaron, as he was still up. Well, he went in Olivia and Sonya's bedroom to check out the situation, and it was Olivia who had thrown up....all over....but that's not the "best part." Ok, Sonya has her own bed, which is on the opposite side of the room from Olivia, but she had chosen to sleep on the floor, right by Olivia's bed. So, guess who got thrown up on? And guess who didn't even know that she'd gotten thrown up on? Yep, Sonya was covered. Into the bath we went, not too willingly, I might add. I think it's going to make one of those great "sister stories" that they can talk about their whole lives..."hey, remember that time when you threw up on me?"

***I should probably add that Olivia is fine...I seriously think it was just one of those deals where supper didn't go down right or something....she has been absolutely fine and went to school today with no problem.***

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bragging on someone other than my own kids

I just have to share how excited and proud I am that one of my students is going to get to perform at the Lied Center on Saturday. She was chosen as one of 150 5th/6th graders from around the state to sing in the Sing Around Nebraska Honor Choir. It's a pretty select group, and they will be performing some very challenging music. We're leaving on Friday, and they'll rehearse Friday eve., as well as all day Sat., finishing with a concert on Sat. evening. This is one of the things that makes teaching so fun--seeing a student like this succeed at this type of level, doing something she loves to do. I have had the privelege of working with many talented students--both in Crawford and here in Wauneta-Palisade. Small towns certainly aren't lacking in talent! Congratulations, Sydnee!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

School pictures

Olivia, preschool

Miranda, 4th grade

Paul, 5th grade

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