Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas in Reverse

Today was the chuch Christmas program. I was happy with how it went, and it's done, which is also wonderful! It was called "Christmas in Reverse" because it took a look at some of the Old Testament stories that led to us to needing a Savior. Again, thanks to Renee for these pics. They turned out great, especially considering the lighting in the sanctuary!

Paul was a narrator, and had a couple of solos.

Miranda was also a narrator and sang a solo.

Lamb and pig....they had some pretty tough lines..."baa" and "oink."

"Ok, I'm really getting tired of this whole production."


Charlie said...

It did turn out very well! The kids even seemed to enjoy it. I was thinking that it seemed a little like last years youth group production?

Bley's Blog said...

Your lamb and pig were very cute, and I really thought it was a great program.I liked how it was told!

Walkers said...

I always loved the Christmas Program. Sara, you do such a great job! Wish I could have seen it!