Thursday, December 18, 2008

Livvy Lou's 5th

A blast from the past....Aaron found a bunch of older pictures from when we first got a digital camera. Olivia was about one in this picture. The funny thing is, she had no trouble recognizing herself when we asked her who the baby was.

My little 5-yr.-old. She thinks it's time to go to Kindergarten now!

Opening gifts

Sonya and Miranda where quick to try out the new hopscotch rug. Thanks, Grandma!

Cupcake time! (She'd just had a bath, in case you're wondering about the hairdo!)

I love you, Livvy Lou! You make every day brighter!


Charlie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Olivia!

Walkers said...

Wow!! I can't believe it's been 5 years! Time sure has flown!!! Happy b-day Olivia!

Sharon said...

5 years old!! I remember when she was born! Time has flown and she is really growing up!

Bley's Blog said...

She is growing up...I can't believe how many different ways she has changed just since the beginning of the school year. Happy 5th birthday, Olivia!

Ma.n.Pa.Erickson said...

Happy Birthday Olivia, Kiersten sure loves being your friend.