Monday, December 15, 2008

The concert

It isn't often that I actually get pictures from one of our concerts, because I usually either forget to bring my camera, or forget to give it to someone so they can snap pictures for me! This year, though, I thought ahead and asked Renee to take pictures for me, and that worked great (for me, anyway...hope it wasn't a pain for Renee).

Here is Miranda, saying her line. Notice the glasses....I am getting new frames for her tomorrow. Look pretty crazy, don't they?!

Paul was Mr. Scrooge...It's kind of hard to see because the curtain was also black, but he's wearing a black top hat and sideburns. He was a pretty grumpy Mr. Scrooge!

Olivia's first concert...aww, shucks :) She and the other preschoolers looked so cute. Who cares how they sang, right?

I am glad to have the concert done. It's always a relief. Tonight while I was playing for the choir, my mind was wandering....I realized that for me, these concerts are kind of like childbirth. Strange analogy, I know, but bear with me. You prepare and prepare, and while they're going on, it's pretty crazy, and sometimes even painful. When it's over, though, you're just soooo relieved and so glad it's done, that you basically forget the bad parts or things that didn't go so well. Next week I'll be starting to think about doing another one, I'll be thinking about what kind of thing to do for spring. I will have forgotten the pain that it was, and all the work and frustration :)


Dave Ja Vu said...

Well, I thought the concert was pretty good last night. Good skits and stuff, the kids were adorkable as per uszh and the bands sounded good. I left before the high school choir, so have no opinion on that.

Overall, your 'childbirth' became our pleasure. Isn't that always how it goes?

Leslie said...

Sara heard the concert was great, Ellie was sad she missed, but thanks for mentioning her name. Leslie

Bley's Blog said...

I really enjoyed the concert...thank you for going to the work of it for all of us!

Wheeler Family said...

We think you & Aaron do a great job, I can't even imagine the stress involved. It was fun to watch!