Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bragging on someone other than my own kids

I just have to share how excited and proud I am that one of my students is going to get to perform at the Lied Center on Saturday. She was chosen as one of 150 5th/6th graders from around the state to sing in the Sing Around Nebraska Honor Choir. It's a pretty select group, and they will be performing some very challenging music. We're leaving on Friday, and they'll rehearse Friday eve., as well as all day Sat., finishing with a concert on Sat. evening. This is one of the things that makes teaching so fun--seeing a student like this succeed at this type of level, doing something she loves to do. I have had the privelege of working with many talented students--both in Crawford and here in Wauneta-Palisade. Small towns certainly aren't lacking in talent! Congratulations, Sydnee!


Little More, Nothing Less said...

This is Awesome! How rewarding for her, I hope she really enjoys herself.... I miss singing in choir ALOT. Thought I still sing, and daily, nothing is like the fun we used to have!

Thanks for sharing!