Thursday, November 20, 2008

A boring week for the Behrends' blog

You know it hasn't been a very exciting week when you're literally racking your brain to figure out what to post. I hate to disappoint you, blog readers, so here are a couple of pictures. Olivia was wanting a haircut a couple days ago, so we did the deed. Of course, Sonya wanted one, too, so I figured, why not? I'm passing on my dislike of long hair to my daughters, I guess. (not that I don't like long hair on other people)

Miranda has been sick, but I'll be nice and leave her alone. She already hates it when I come at her with a camera, so she'd probably never forgive me if I did it now, when she hasn't combed her hair for 2 days. I took her to the Dr. this morning because strep throat, among various and sundry viruses, is making its way through our school. The Dr. put her on medicine, although he didn't test her for strep, thinking it would probably be too early for a positive test result, anyway.

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Blackmans said...

I love the haircuts and I hope Miranda is better soon!

Bley's Blog said...

I also like the haircuts. Very cute.

Charlie said...

The girls look absolutely ADORABLE! But, then again, they were already adorable!

Ma.n.Pa.Erickson said...

I love Sonja's hair. She looks so cute with her hair short. Olivia's looks great also.