Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Questions, questions

Like many children her age, Olivia is full of questions. I'm sure Paul and Miranda asked me a lot of interesting ones, too, but as time goes by you tend to forget them. These questions all came in the space of about one hour...

"Mom, what is blood made of?"

"Mom, how do babies come out?" (this sounds like one for Dad)

"Mom, how do we milk cows?"

"Mom, how do flies go to the potty?"

"Mom, why do the days keep changing?" (we'd been talking about the different days of the week, and figuring out what comes after Monday, what comes after Tuesday, etc...)


Charlie said...

Oh, what a stage! It is good to be inquisitive. Now the real question did you answer those questions? I'd like to hear the answer to the fly going potty. :)

Blackmans said...

I need to remember not to take a drink when I am reading your blog. Things have a tendency to come out my nose! Very funny! I'm just wondering how you answered all of these questions!

sixbehrs said...

Well, I racked my brain to remember what I'd learned from high school biology for the blood one....I think I did ok with that one. I pretty much explained the cow one, and the baby one, well, I was laughing so hard I could hardly talk. The funny thing is, she didn't ask where babies come from (she must already know that one--kids are so advanced these days), she just asked how they come out. I was fairly honest with that answer, too, without being too graphic. As for the fly one.....I had no idea what to idea at all. I'll have to google that one :)

Blackmans said...

Good answers!! You did so much better than I would have! I am impressed!