Thursday, October 30, 2008

Party time

I helped with Miranda's class party today, and also got to sneak a little peek at Olivia's. Paul is at the age now where the kids are supposed to plan the parties themselves, which, in this case, meant that Paul informed me on Tues. evening that he needed to have a craft for the party. Hmmm....well, fortunately I had gotten extra from Oriental Trading Company when I ordered for Miranda's.

Miranda's class, after the "Dress a Mummy Contest" (notice that Olivia found her way into the picture, also).

The winning mummy

Miranda being wrapped up. Her team didn't do it too speedy, but they got it done.
Playing "Giggling Ghouls" (these two boys were trying to get the "zombies" to laugh)

Craft time

Olivia playing candy corn bingo....I noticed a lot of the playing pieces kept disappearing

The 6th Grade teacher, dressed as dirty laundry

Miranda was a lovely "spider queen"


Charlie said...

Kids seem to love Halloween...Do you think the enjoy the dressing up or the candy more? Tee-hee