Thursday, October 02, 2008

The day...

It started with a major fit by Olivia...for some reason she decided today that she didn't want to go to preschool. She's never, ever come close to complaining about going, and then today when we pulled up to the bus, she went ballistic. I had to drag her, basically kicking and screaming. She was perfectly happy when she got home. Who knows?

The day improved, as I had MOPS, and we made this fun craft. Thanks, Tiffany! It's a mini-scrapbook. Cute, huh??!!
I should back up and say that I'm having driving issues...last night when I got home from AWANA, I didn't pull in far enough to the garage before I tried to close the garage door. That didn't work too well....then, this morning, I started to back out before the door was completely up. Needless to say, the garage door had some problems. Luckily, Aaron was able to fix it (pretty much)....then, this afternoon I noticed that the carpet was damp around the fridge. At first I thought that one of the kids had spilled some water....a little later I noticed that the wetness seemed to be spreading....yep, it was a leak in the part where the water comes into the water/ice dispenser...once again, my wonderful husband was able to fix it, after sending me to Imperial for a part. What a guy.

Dig the shirt? It's homecoming week and today was "Mardi Gras" day.
Sonya thinks this day was exhausting! I agree!

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Bley's Blog said...

I'm happy that Olivia was happy when she got home...hopefully just a one time deal?! Sounds like a crazy day! Glad you liked the craft.

Charlie's thoughts said...

First off, I completely agree with Sonya! Exhausting! We are very blessed to have such creative people surrounding us! I love the craft "FALL" book we did! And with the driving...hmmm. Maybe you need a break...time to get away for awhile. :)