Friday, September 26, 2008

Well, I had few doubts before, but this clenched it for me....if NARAL is backing Obama, then I'm certainly not. Easy "choice" for me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

An evening at the park

I took Olivia and Sonya up to the park tonight. The weather has been so nice, so I thought I'd better take advantage of it. It was a nice surprise to find Renee and her family up there, so the kids had fun playing together.

I didn't set out to take way more pictures of Olivia than Sonya, but she was really into posing tonight! Not sure where she learned all these wonderful poses, though :-)

Sonya was happy just sliding while her sister did the modeling session.

After modeling got old, Olivia and Maycee rode this thing-a-ma-jig....

while Sonya crawled underneath it....she's a different one, that Sonya.

Thank goodness for Marty....not sure if Ashton's happy about his Daddy helping Sonya!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MOPS craft

We made these dry-erase planners at MOPS today. I thought it was really a cool craft. It's nice when the craft is actually useful, which most of ours have been. Thanks, Renee, for a great idea, and for getting it all ready for us.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

What we do when it rains....

We have a drain that runs from our yard down the alley (which slopes). Miranda, Paul and Taylor did some creative "sledding" after school today to take advantage of a downpour that we got. They used lids from those big plastic totes and had a grand old time.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pet show

Today we took Smokey to a pet show at the nursing home. He wasn't too thrilled, to say the least. He kept growling and hissing at other animals. They gave out awards at the end, and he got third place in the "most talented" catergory. Most talented at being a grump, apparantly. Anyway, it was kind of fun to see people's pets, and to visit with some of the residents up there. Maybe next year Smokey will be a better sport about the whole thing.....ok, probably not.

Olivia fell in love with one of Robin's kittens. Robin hadn't named it, so Olivia called it "Happy."

I think Smokey should have gotten an award for "most evil-looking."

Olivia and Maycee each got to hold one of Robin and Garrett's kittens.

Smokey looks almost docile in this pic.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A big day for Livvy

Olivia started pre-school today. She was ready and raring-to-go at about 6:30, even though I didn't need to take her to the bus until around 7:30. She crawled into bed with me and said, "I'm just so excited. I'm gonna be one of the older ones, so I'll help the little ones." She overheard Aaron telling me that quite a few of the kids are only 3, so she thinks she's pretty hot stuff, seeing as how she's 4 1/2! It's kind of different around here without her. Sonya REALLY wanted to get on the bus with her, but I said, "one more year." I think Sonya and I will have fun, but I will miss Olivia, too. I'm glad it's only 4 mornings a week.

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Weekend pics

We really didn't do anything too exciting this weekend, but that's ok. It was nice to just stay home and relax a little.

Paul wanted me to take a picture of him doing's a "talent" he's been working on lately.:)

The new big wheel is popular with both girls...notice the princess dresses and shoes. They said they were going to the ball (I suppose the big wheel was the coach)

A blur of ballerina

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