Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Smoke on the Mountain

Last night and Sunday, we had our performance of "Smoke on the Mountain." It was so fun! Aaron and I also sang a duet, and I sang a solo. The whole thing will definitely go down as a highlight of my summer.

In other news, our roof is basically done. Yay!!! Aaron's folks left today. We are so grateful for their willingness to come and help. It was great having them.

Oh, and by the way, say one thing about my bib overalls, and you'll be getting them for Christmas or your birthday. Got it??? :-)


charlie said...

Awe, but they were so cute!!! And you don't need to send them to me...I already have three pairs of capri over-alls and two pant over-alls. What can I say? Just a country girl at heart. And, the one picture looks as if Aaron is going to make you cry. I loved all the "country" outfits!