Friday, August 08, 2008

Fun on the roof

Well, thanks to the hailstorm earlier this summer, we're putting on a new roof. Yesterday they started ripping off the old shingles...with help from Peter, Matthew, Aaron's Dad, Paul, and even Miranda. I'm glad our roof isn't steep, or this mommmy would be having a cow about now. :-)

Hi, Mom! I hate how grown-up he looks up there.

Miranda wasn't too happy that I had my camera out. I think she hates the fact that I'm a blogger.

But I managed to catch her looking at me (and she looks so happy, doesn't she???)

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Wheelers said...

Hope you get the roof done soon!
Haha-I love how girly Miranda looks on the roof w/ her pink shirt & sandals :) Very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun project for the family. Not really but it is neat how your kids even got to help. They will probably remember it as being fun. I remember roofing a small garage with my dad when I was about Paul's age. I was so proud of being able to do something adult. What a fun memory for them. Teresa