Saturday, August 02, 2008

Curtain call

I decided it was time to do something about my living room drapes. It's not that the drapes themselves were in bad shape, really, but the little plastic hook things that slid along the "track" were dissenegrating and breaking, and it was impossible (believe me, I tried) to just find those--you had to buy all the hardware (the rod, etc...) So, it was a perfect excuse for an update, since I'm fairly certain the drapes were as old as the house, which was built in '78. Here are some before and after shots:
Curtains on the sliding glass door leading to the deck.

curtains by the table, on the north wall ( the curtains on the south wall are just the same)

sliding glass doors, after

north wall, after (south wall is also these striped ones)Don't you dig the butterfly windchime?? There were LOTS of butterfly things in the house; I haven't felt like taking some of it down, even though it's not really "me." Anybody collect butterfly stuff??

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Sara, glad you took some to the doctor. I have never heard of that disease, but imagine you kids might have had it among your many others! Like the curtain update. I would like to do the same, but need a flooring update first. Mom

Wheelers said...

Much better! I really liked the blue striped ones.

Bley's Blog said...

Looks really nice!