Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bone for Paul

Well, the time has come for one of our own kids to start band. It's kind of been interesting going through the whole process with Paul--helping him decide what to play, and actually purchasing the instrument. It gives me a new perspective being on the parent side of things, as opposed to the teacher side (although I'm still on the teacher side, too) As you can see, Paul has chosen to play trombone, which we're pretty excited about. The one he's holding is actually a school trombone, as his hasn't gotten here yet. After MUCH looking and bidding on good old eBay, I FINALLY won one today. Note to self: don't wait until late August to start bidding--we're going to make Miranda decide in May!!! (she's saying oboe; I'm thinking I'd better get another job-yikes)

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Bley's Blog said...

Cool!I was going to ask you if you had won one yet!