Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vacation, part 1

On Sunday we drove to Fort Robinson to spend a few days with my brothers and their kids. My parents got us all a huge house to share--enough beds for 14 people! The house had been for lieutenants in the 1800s and beyond. It was awesome--fully restored and beautiful. It was so fun to just hang out and let the kids play together. There were many more activities we could have taken part in, but with 5 kids under the age of 5 (yep, Paul and Miranda are the old ones), you can only do so much without driving the parents insane. After my brothers left, we headed to Chadron. We stopped at Toadstool Park on the way, and took a 1-mile hike around the park (in 90 degree heat, I might add; but it was fun).

Stay tuned for more pictures from this coming weekend, as the Behrends family (minus Livvy and Sonya) heads to the Black Hills.


Bley's Blog said...

wow, what a cool house! Looks like a great time!