Sunday, June 15, 2008

The weekend

Ok, first of all, if these pictures look a little fuzzy, it's because one of my little ones (I'm assuming) smudged my camera lens. I didn't discover that until I started looking at these pictures, trying to figure out what was wrong with them, and there it was, a nice smudgy fingerprint!

Our friends, Ivan and Delores Flaming stopped by for a visit last night. It was awesome to see them again. The kids were thrilled, and had to do a little showing off, as evidenced by the last 2 pictures. The kids always think Ivan is so much fun, and they warm right up to him, especially. Delores and I got to play a couple of piano duets today at church, which was cool.

Today, we took Aaron out for lunch, took naps, and went to the park. It was a relaxing, fun day. Then tonight, after the little ones went to bed, we played a couple games of Clue with Paul and Miranda.

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Walkers said...

What a special time. Wish I could have heard you two play the piano!! I miss that!!!!!

charlie said...

It was very nice to see Ivan and Delores again!!! And you two do play beautiful together!!