Saturday, June 14, 2008

Swim meet

Paul and Miranda are both in swim team this year. Today we had a meet here in town, the first one they've been able to participate in, since we had VBS during the first one, and we were in WY last week. Both kids did well. Miranda rocked in the breaststroke. I should have taken some video as she was zooming along. Paul said his favorite was the individual medley, where they do all 4 of the main strokes. He did very well, too. Unfortunately, these pictures aren't great, and I only got one of Paul. I spent quite a bit of time in the restroom with Sonya, as we've entered "Operation Potty Train." We'll save that for a post down the road, when she reaches the milestone (she's getting there).

Doing the crawl (I think)

At the finish line

Paul doing the medley

Getting ready to do her part in a relay

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