Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visitors and misc. pictures

Paul was able to get Smokey away from his sisters for a few moments....this was probably the cat's happiest moment of the day.

Caleb and Josh Hoffman stopped by for a visit. It was so great to see them!!!

Miranda got a piano lesson from Doyl when they came over for supper...she wasn't so thrilled, since she thought summer would give her a break from piano....she thought wrong

Wrestling with Ivan....good times

Sonya got into something (probably mascara, like her buddy Ashton). She said she was, "working on my eyebrowns."

Miranda's friend Taylor is spending the night. They made oatmeal/yogurt/honey masks. Sounds delicious, huh??


Wheelers said...

Josh & Caleb stopped to see Marty @ the shop, so I didn't get to see them! So it's fun to see a picture of them.

Bley's Blog said...

I love it...eyebrowns! And, I also love the masks. :)