Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introducing....Smokey Behr

Well, the Behrends family has officially added another family member......Smokey Behr, aka Smokey. For some reason, Marty and Renee were thanking us for taking him :-) Anyway, the kids are totally pumped about it. Aaron and I will be pretty pumped if he uses the litter box right away.
***Update: He's got the litter box thing down pat.***

I wonder if they make "blue-eye reduction" on cameras?

Safe in Aaron's arms

This cat is going to get used to NOISE and confusion!!!

Miranda set up a little bed for him; he's liking this hiding spot

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Wheelers said...

Aww, Smokey Behr, that's cute! Hope he catches right on to the litter box thing.

charlie said...

Loving the name!!!

Walkers said...

I Love the name. Too Cute!!