Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Runza math

Here's a story problem for you:

What do you get when you take one scared two-yr.-old, plus one crazy indoor playland, plus one not-so-helpful four-yr.-old, and then subract any other kids who are old enough to help?

Answer: One slightly overweight mom, who, after bribing, cajoling, threatening, and using nearly every psychological tactic known to man, is forced to climb to the top to rescue aforementioned 2-yr.-old.

I'm telling you, I'll never learn. Twice before, when we've gone to Runza, she's tried to go to the top, but luckily hasn't gotten past the first level. Oh, and once she was rescued by a boy who was probably 6 or 7. This time, Olivia said, "C'mon, Sonya, let's climb the slide." Sonya followed her, of course, all the way to the top, I might add. Suddenly, she's developed a fear of slides, even though she went down all of the park ones last summer. Ahhh, what a day.


The Lutz Family said...

hehehe. The same thing happened to us at Runza. Aust got all the way to the top and freaked out. Good times, good times. ;)

Walkers said...

oh, that totally cracked me up! :-)

Bley's Blog said...

I have also made the trek up, although not all the way to the top, thank goodness! Fun, fun! :)

The Hagan Clan said...

Oh what a day u had...feels like u want to pull your hair out...been there and i never seem to learn either...lol

charlie said...

Oh how funny!
I can't wait until it is my turn!
Seriously, I know the frustrations that occur and completely feel for you.

Dillan Family said...

I am still laughing about this even as I type. I feel for you sister!! Been there, done that.

Emma's Mom said...

Ha! I feel your pain... You gave me a good little laugh tonight. Thanks!