Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Looking back at Miranda's last 9 yrs.

I thought it might be fun to dig out some old pictures of Miranda, as tomorrow is her 9th birthday. When I went to find my camera today, however, I realized it wasn't in its usual spot--you know, the spot in a person's house where everything gets dumped, which, for us, is the stovetop island. I must tell you that the reason I couldn't find it is because Miranda, without being told to, cleaned the entire upstairs last night while I was at Bible Study. Aaron said he was downstairs with the little ones, and when he came up she was cleaning like a mad-woman! In 9 yrs. she's gone from the one making messes like a mad-woman, to cleaning like one (although I noticed that her room is still pretty scary).

I love you, Miranda! You're becoming an awesome young lady!


Walkers said...

Wow!! 9 Years already!!! Happy B-day Miranda!

Sharon said...

What a beutiful young lady!! Inside and out!!
Happy B-day Miranda!!

Castle and Teri said...

She's presious. They grow up so fast huh! I love your word problem below. I must say would have paid to see it though. Funny!

Blackmans said...

Happy Birthday, Miranda!!