Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Real Jesus
This isn't the kind of thing that I normally post, but I've just got to say that if you haven't discovered the group, "Downhere" yet, you should! Their 2007 album, "Wide-eyed and Mystified" is awesome. This song, from that album, is my favorite at the moment.

Also, I might add that the 2 main singers in this group are HOT,

which doesn't hurt their appeal, in my opinion. I even told Aaron this, and he seems ok with it, since it's not likely that I'll ever meet them, and plus I'm sure they're happily married, and so am I. But wow--they rock my socks off :-) Take a listen.


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Sharon said...

Wow, Sara, the song and video brought tears to my eyes!! No Kidding!!! The song was great, the meaning, words were great, the video... They kinda sound like DC Talk.