Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sing Around Nebraska
Today I took 14 kids to Sing Around Nebraska. 4th-6th graders from schools all over the state get together at about 10 sites to perform some really fun, challenging music. Of course, it was exciting for me to be able to send Paul. I've taken kids to this a number of times, but it was extra-special to take him along.

Rehearsal, rehearsal, and more rehearsal....they practiced for almost 7 hrs. today. Plus, they'd been working with Cds for over a month.

The group, in "serious" mode

and not-so-serious mode

The entire choir. They sounded awesome on their 7 songs! What a great experience!

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Wheelers said...

What a crew :)

charlie said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work and a lot of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

They sounded great Sara. Thanks for all the work you put into getting the kids ready. Caleb really enjoyed the whole experience. TERESA