Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's the little things
It's the little things, like lighting, that can make a house interesting. This house was built in 1978. Check out some of the "groovy" light fixtures. They're actually growing on me--especially the one in the "blue bathroom" (3rd picture)


Sharon said...

Sara, keep them, they'll be back in style sometime!!!

Emma's Mom said...

i LOVE them, sara! it looks like you're getting all settled in...i wish that i could say that i am all settled in, but i'm not...yet. of course, we won't mention that we moved into this house 3 1/4 years ago! well, on second thought, we are all settled in, just not organized! ha! can't wait to see you for more than an hour! :)

Anonymous said...


Your house is right in style with mine Sarah. Mandi and Nicci say my house looks "so 70's" I tell them it should since I decorated it then and used things meant to last a lifetime. The blue bathroom fixtures are a little much though. I think the problem you have with the bathroom picture is just shadows on the wall. I am so glad you finally have room to store everything.

Love you
Aunt Sharon

Grandma Joy said...

Just wait. In 20 years your kids will be saying the same thing about your lights!!! :)